Smelly Fridge

How to Get Rid of Smelly Fridge

If you use this solution, it will eliminate any smelly fridge of an unpleasant odor in the kitchen appliance. How to get rid of rotten meat smell in fridge, clean your fridge with this solution. An unpleasant scent in the refrigerator can appear for various reasons, several effective methods will help to eliminate it.
If there is an unpleasant smell due to improper food storage or spoiled food in your refrigerator, it needs to be cleaned. However, not everyone knows effective methods to eradicate the odor.
One of the finest solutions for smelly fridge to this problem could be ammonia. It is worth mentioning, that due to the intense pungent smell, it is better to work in a respirator or face mask to protect the respiratory organs. You will also need rubber gloves.

How to Get Rid of Refrigerator Smell

To begin cleaning, dilute one spoonful of solution in one liter of water. After the procedure, rinse it with clean water and wipe the refrigerator dry with a rag. Furthermore, the refrigerator will require some time to thoroughly air out. More information about high-end refrigerators you can find here
Distilled white vinegar is another effective tool.  However, this approach is suitable only if the unpleasant smell is caused by storing strong-smelling foods. All you need is to leave a glass of vinegar on the fridge shelf. After a couple of hours, you can discard the liquid.
If the desired result has not been achieved, move to the next measure, where in equal proportions mixed water and vinegar are used to clean the fridge. After the appliance dries, allow it to air out for a few hours. After these procedures, there will not be any evidence of an unpleasant odor. If you have problems with your refrigerator you can call us 661 523-0518 or fill out our online form

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