Ice Maker Led Blinking Codes

Ice maker led blinking codes

Ice maker optics diagnostics procedure instruction for 4389102

For no ice or low ice production, confirm normal freezer temperatures (0°F to 5°F) and that the ice bucket is level allowing the optics to work properly before beginning diagnostic checks. When updating a product with the new boards, be sure to replace’the old ice maker tech sheet (light blue) with the new one. The diagnostics procedure for the new boards is shown below.


1. Open the freezer door and view the diagnostics "status" LED. Two (2) pulses followed by a one (1) second delay (repeated). The flapper door on the emitter is blocking the beam. Go to Step 2.
The optics are faulty. Go to Step 2.
No lamp. Ice maker is in the harvest mode. Press in the freezer door switch. When in the harvest mode, the status LED will flash once every second.
Faulty status LED. Replace the receiver board.
2. Press in the emitter flapper door to unblock the optics beam. Two (2) pulses followed by a one (1) second delay (repeated). The optics are faulty. Replace the emitter and receiver boards.
LED is on steadily. The optics are working properly. Close the freezer door.
Icemaker LED board

Run Optics Diagnostic Test Mode First

Follow steps one through twelve below to set the ice maker for the test. The ice maker control must be in the "ON" position. The ice bin must be on the door and the ice level below the notched openings. The ice maker must be in harvest immediately after the water fill.


  1. Unplug refrigerator or disconnect power.
  2. Slide ice maker out, remove cover.
  3. Use an insulated jumper and jump "T" to "H" to bypass the bimetal to start a harvest.
  4. Plug in refrigerator or reconnect power.
  5. Close the freezer door to align the optics and a harvest cycle will begin in 5 seconds.
  6. Open the freezer door and observe ice maker. A harvest should be in progress. *lf "T to "H" is property jumped and the ice maker won’t run, stop test and check the ice maker.
  7. Unplug refrigerator or disconnect power.
  8. Remove the jumper before the fingers reach 10:00. Reinstall ice maker or be prepared to catch the water in step 10.
  9. Plug in refrigerator or reconnect power.
  10. Listen for the water fill and disconnect the power immediately after the fill.
  11. With the freezer door closed, reconnect the power.\
  12. Wait 5 seconds to a maximum of 50 seconds, open the freezer door and watch the LED.

4 pulses: repeated once, indicates a failed relay. Replace both optics boards.

3 pulses: repeated once, indicates optics and relay are good but, ice maker is not being sensed/ will not operate.

  • Check ice maker components
  • Check ice maker circuit and connections back to the receiver board and neutral.

2 pulses: repeated once, indicate the optics are failed. Replace both optics boards.

Steady light: for 5 seconds indicates the relay and optics are good, and the receiver senses the ice maker in the circuit.

No light: Unplug refrigerator for 5 seconds and repeat test.

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