How to Clean Baking Pans

How to Clean Baking Pans

How to clean baking pans and oven without household chemicals

Even a new oven can get sooty over time. But you won’t need chemicals to clean the appliance.

Use just one remedy

Work in the kitchen can be easy thanks to a cheap remedy that everyone has. Any housewife knows how many efforts it takes to eliminate old soot and grease in the oven.

After all, even the cleanest housewife can make mistakes. Moreover, there is no escaping the fumes deposited on the walls of the oven.

Sometimes it seems that it is simply impossible to remove the heavy layer, however, there is always a way out.

For effective cleaning, pour citric acid (20 gr/0.7 oz) on a baking tray, pour water over it and send it to the oven to warm up, setting the mode ‘bottom and broil’.

Boil the sour water for about 10-15 minutes, then turn off the oven and leave it. Do not open the door until it cooled down completely.

During this time, the acid will soften the layers, and they will come off easily. Use any means to rinse the oven. Even a sponge will be enough (pay attention to the complexity of the stove condition). The oven will be instantly cleaned and no chemicals needed.

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