Fridge making rattling noise – what to do to stop the refrigerator from making loud noise

3 useful tips
Is your refrigerator too loud? We prepared some advice to help you make it work more quietly.

Refrigerator insulation
You can use acoustic panels or soundproofing materials that are installed around the refrigerator to effectively reduce noise. In addition, check the door seals and replace them if they are worn out or damaged, as this can cause sound escape. Another option is to install a refrigerator sound-dampening pad or to soundproof your fridge compressor or engine, which can significantly reduce noise levels.

Maintain a consistent temperature inside the refrigerator to avoid the need for it to run constantly. Also, defrosting your freezer when a chunk of ice appears will help improve efficiency and decrease noise levels. Keeping the unit clean, both inside and outside, is important to prevent dust buildup and reduce strain on the cooling system.

Refrigerator placement
Do not place the refrigerator near walls, cabinets, or other objects that may echo or increase noise. Instead, it is better to leave free space around it for better air exchange and noise dissipation. If possible, place it on a sturdy surface to reduce vibration. It’s better to keep your refrigerator away from direct sunlight, so place your refrigerator away from heat sources to reduce the load on the cooling system.

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