U-Line Refrigerator Repair

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Grounding precautions need to be taken whenever touching a bare circuit board. Attach an anti-static wrist strap to reliable ground and wear it whenever handling the circuit board. Also, handle boards carefully and avoid touching components.

Program Procedure

  1. Unplug unit and install new board.
  2. Plug in unit.
  3. The display may show SP or –, either is OK.
  4. Install a jumper on J3.
  5. U-Line Refrigerator Repair 68104-S, 68084-S board replacement

    On drawer models, both bottom and top drawers must be open to program the board.

  6. Hold down warmer, colder and light button until display shows model number and main board beeps.
  7. Use warmer / colder to select new model number.
  8. Model Selection Chart

    Model 120 Volts 220 Volts Board Part #
    2175R / 2175RC 61 75 68104-S
    2175WC / 2175WCC 62 76 68104-S
    2175EBEV / 2175BEVC 63 77 68104-S
    CO2175FF / CO2175F 64 78 68104-S
    2175RF 65 79 68104-S
    *CO2175DWR / C2275DWR 66 80 68104-S
    CLR2160 67 81 68104-S
    CLRCO2175 68 82 68104-S
    *2175DWRR / 2275DWRR / 2275DWRC 70 84 68104-S
    2115R 71 73 68104-S
    2115WC 72 74 68104-S
    *2275DWRWC 85 86 68084-S
    2275ZWC (Dual Control) 85 86 68084-S
    2275ZWC (Single Control) 87 88 68084-S

    * Bottom and top drawer must be open to program the board.
    Board Part # 68072-S has been replaced by 68104-S.

  9. Press and release light key.
  10. Wait for display to stop flashing.
  11. Remove jumper from board.
  12. Unplug unit and wait 5 seconds.
  13. Plug unit back in.

Wait for the beep and the display to show the set point.

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