Viking Appliances Repair and Service. Tel: (800) 530-7906

Los Angeles Viking Appliances Repair and Service. Tel: (800) 530-7906
Viking is best known for their cooking appliances—their rangetops in particular-although that’s far from the only thing they manufacture, although they do still focus on cooking appliances, including ranges, ovens, microwaves, and grills. Call us right now (800) 530-7906. Global Appliances Service has experts in every Viking product line, including:

Viking Cooktops Repair

Los Angeles Viking Cooktops Repair and Service. Tel: (800) 530-7906

Viking Ovens Repair

Los Angeles Viking Ovens Repair and Service. Tel: (800) 530-7906

Viking Ranges Repair

Los Angeles Viking Ranges Repair and Service. Tel: (800) 530-7906

Viking Microwaves Repair

Los Angeles Viking Microwaves Repair and Service. Tel: (800) 530-7906

Viking Refrigerators Repair

Los Angeles Viking Refrigerators Repair and Service. Tel: (800) 530-7906

Viking Rangetops Repair

Los Angeles Viking Rangetops Repair and Service. Tel: (800) 530-7906

Viking Wine Coolers Repair

Los Angeles Viking Wine Coolers Repair and Service. Tel: (800) 530-7906

Viking Ice Machines Repair

Los Angeles Viking Ice Machines Repair and Service. Tel: (800) 530-7906
  • Viking Hoods, including chimney wall hoods, island hoods, wide hoods
  • Viking Freestanding Ranges
  • Viking Warming Drawers
  • Viking Microwaves
  • Viking Rangetops
  • Viking Cooktops
  • Viking Refrigerators, including freestanding, undercounter, and built-in
  • Viking Wine Cellars, including full height and undercounter models
  • Viking Trash Compactors
  • Viking Outdoor Grills
  • Viking Ice Machines
  • Viking Dishwashers

If you have a Viking product that you don’t see mentioned above, contact us 1-800-530-7906 and we’ll let you know if we have an expert on-staff that’s trained to fix that particular model. Because chances are, we do. Our technicians are thoroughly trained in any new appliances that come out, including those from Viking.

Modern Cooking Viking Repair

Modern cooking appliances have, in many ways, made our lives significantly easier, especially when you’re talking about high-tech, premium appliances like those offered by Viking. However, the more high-tech and complicated a piece of machinery is, the more costly its repair is likely to be.
About Viking Corporation

Repairing Your Appliances

Very few people would claim that Viking doesn’t make good appliances. They’re high-quality and very reliable, and have a place in any high-end kitchen. However, this doesn’t make them indestructable, and it doesn’t mean that they don’t need regular repair and maintenance. In fact, you’ll probably want to repair your Viking appliance more regularly if you’ve got an expensive piece of equipment. Because small problems can easily turn into big problems: a fifty dollar problem can easily become a thousand dollar problem, and no one wants that. If you bought a nice Viking appliance, chances are, you want to keep it. And if you want to keep it, you need to make sure it is in tip-top shape. With an array skilled, thoroughly-educated technicians focusing specifically on the Viking line of appliances, you can be sure that Global Appliances Service can meet your needs.

Global Appliances Service

If you’d like to talk to us, call us at 1-800-530-7906, or email us at Global Appliances Service will get a technician out to you as soon as possible, and we’ll have your Viking appliance up and running in no time flat. We accept Cash, Credit Cards, Checks. We operate all throughout southern California.

Los Angeles Viking Appliances Repair and Service. Tel: (800) 530-7906

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