Here’s what others are saying:

- Marisa M, Marina Del Rey, CA

I need Global Appliances Service to come out and fix my broken Maytag washer on a couple of hours notice. They got there with time to spare, fixed the washer, and gave my dryer a look for no extra charge. Very pleased.

– Marisa M
Marina Del Rey, CA
- Robert S, Toluca Lake, CA

Our repair guy really knew his stuff. Next time I need something fixed, I’m requesting the same guy.

– Robert S
Toluca Lake, CA
- James C, Silver Lake, CA

I honestly thought I had a thousand dollar problem with my Wolf refrigerator, but the folks at Global Appliances Service figured out that all I needed was a new fifteen dollar part. I appreciate the honesty!

– James C
Silver Lake, CA
- Scott A, Encino, CA

Since your repair team come over, it’s been a while since I’ve even had to think about my oven. And when I do next time, I’ll be calling you. Thank you!

– Scott A
Encino, CA
- Paul S, Burbank, CA

Got the problem fixed days before I thought they’d even show up. Fantastic!

– Paul S
Burbank, CA
- Bert B, Oxnard, CA

I was just about ready to push my range off the side of a cliff and forget about it, but the repair tech from Global Appliances Service had it fixed in about fifteen minutes. Thanks!

– Bert B
Oxnard, CA
- Rachel H, Venice Beach, CA

GAS take a lot of the guesswork out of appliance repair. When they showed up, they told me not only what was wrong with my grill, but what was likely to go wrong with it in the future. I love working with experts.

– Rachel H
Venice Beach, CA
- Mary T, Pacific Palisades, CA

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

– Mary T
Pacific Palisades, CA
Testimonials April 11, 2015