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Experience, Training and Education

Global Appliances Service has the best oven repair technicians in southern California. Our technicians are not general technicians. When one of our repair technicians comes to your door, you’re not getting someone with a general knowledge of ovens. Our technicians are specially trained in specific makes, models, and brands of oven, from Miele to Bosch. So when our repair technicians get to your home and business, you won’t be dealing with clueless looks and hours of guesswork before they find the problem. Chances are, our technicians not only know how to fix your brand and model line of oven, they know how to repair your model in particular. It’s this efficiency and expertise that our customers and clients have come to expect, and it’s exactly what you’ll be getting. Gas or electric, our technicians are the best when it comes to oven repair.
Los Angeles Oven Repair. Tel: 800 530-7906

The Problem With Ovens

Even a modest oven is an expensive, and potentially dangerous, appliance. And since an oven’s main function is to create heat, you get all the problems that come along with that. A well-engineered oven will do all it can to contain all the physical stress that goes along with regular oven use, but even the best engineers can’t stop wear-and-tear. That’s where Global Appliances Service and its team of technicians come in.

Common Oven Problems

A lot of people think of an oven as just a big hot box. And while this is true in a broad sense, the reality is much more complicated. If your oven just won’t turn on, you probably don’t need anyone telling you that it’s malfunctioning. But what about the more subtle problems? Here are some common oven problems. And it should go without saying, but if you do smell gas, you need to treat that as an emergency. Turn off your oven, disconnect the gas, open your windows, call the gas company, and then call us 1-800-530-7906.

Is There a Problem With My Oven? Here are some common oven problems

Los Angeles Oven Repair and Service. Tel: 800 530-7906
Oven won’t get hot enough
Oven gets too hot
Door won’t seal
Door won’t open
The smell of gas
Pilot light is faint
Timer isn’t working correctly
Oven is particularly noisy, especially when not in use
Self-cleaner won’t work
Oven won’t stay on

Global Appliances Service

If you’d like to talk to us, call us at 1-800-530-7906, or email us at info@laapliancefix.com. Global Appliances Service will get a technician out to you as soon as possible, and we’ll have your oven up and running in no time flat. We accept Cash, Credit Cards, Checks. We operate all throughout southern California.
Los Angeles Oven Repair and Service. Tel: (800) 530-7906
Oven Repair and Service. Tel: (800) 530-7906 April 17, 2015