Microwave not Working

Nowadays you can hardly imagine a kitchen without a microwave oven as this appliance is not only easy to use but also reliable. However, any technical device can get broken one day. The experts have given some tips on what to do if a microwave is sparking.

They say sparks in a microwave is really a dangerous thing that require thorough diagnostics and necessary repair. The experts suggest considering the most common issues. In any case, the first thing to do is to unplug the power cord.

Faulty Mica Plate

If you notice that the Mica plate got burnt, cracked, or dirty, it has to be replaced. To do that, remove the old plate by unscrewing the screw, clean all the dirt from the new plate installation place, and put the old plate on the new mica.

Sand the plate with fine sandpaper and cut off the corners. Install it instead of the old part.

Faulty Waveguide Cover

If you notice a faulty waveguide cover after removing the microwave metal casing, take off the mica plate, remove the unit body, and detach the screws and terminals leading to the magnetron.

After that, take out the magnetron and inspect the waveguide. If necessary, clean the cover and sand it with sandpaper. Then put back the magnetron, mica plate, and body.

Damaged Enamel

If the microwave surface is damaged, it can also make rattling noises. In this case, clean off the fat and dry pieces of food from the chamber, sand the damaged enamel with sandpaper, wipe the defective area with solvent, and apply primer.

As soon as it gets dry, apply high-heat food-grade enamel. After that, leave the device unplugged with the door open for 24 hours.

Faulty Coupler

The coupler is the part rotating the glass plate. If it gets dirty with fat or worn out, it may produce sparks in the bottom part of the chamber.

Take out the part from the unplugged microwave, clean it, and put it back. If the sparks remain after turning the microwave on, replace the faulty part.

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