KitchenAid Dishwasher Diagnostic Codes - KDFM404KPS0

KitchenAid Dishwasher Diagnostic Codes – KDFM404KPS0


  • Press any 3 keys (except Delay, or Cancel) in the sequence 1 -2-3, 1 -2-3, 1 -2-3 with no more than 1 second between key presses. All LED’s will illuminate if successful.
  • Press key 2 and shut the door to start the Service Diagnostics cycle.
  • Invoking Service Diagnostics clears all status and last run information from memory and restores defaults. It also forces the next cycle to be a sensor calibration cycle.
  • All LEDs turn on immediately upon receiving entry sequence (even if door is open) as a display test. A tone may play depending on the model.

User Interface Test

  • All LEDs remain on. Tone is played for each key pressed. Service Test Cycle
  • To rapid advance 1 step at a time, press the Start/Resume key. Rapid advance may skip sensor checks as some checks require 2 complete intervals.

NOTE: The Diagnostic cycle will pause when the door is opened and resume when closed. No Start/Resume key press required to resume.

Error Code History Display

  • Most recently detected error code is displayed first.
  • Press 3rd key to advance to next error code stored. 3 tones are played when the end of the error code history has been reached.

Exit Procedure

  • The service diagnostic mode will timeout after 5 minutes of user inactivity.
  • Press Cancel key to exit service diagnostic mode.
  • Service diagnostic mode will be cancelled if AC power is removed from the appliance.


  1st Button 2nd Button 3rd Button
Momentary Press Activates User Interface Test Activates Service Test Cycle Displays Next Error Code
Hold for 5 seconds     Clears Error Code History
  • F1E1 – Control: ACU Failure
  • F1E2 – Control: MCU Failure
  • F2E1 – User Interface: Stuck Key
  • F3E1 – Thermistor/OWi: Open or Short
  • F3E2 – Thermistor/OWi: Failed Calibration
  • F4E2 – Heater: Open, unplugged, or failed relay
  • F4E3 – Heater: Relay shorted or heater failed
  • F5E1 – Door Switch: Door Stuck Open
  • F5E2 – Door Switch: Door Stuck Closed
  • F6E1 – User Interface: No response from ACU
  • F7E1 – Wash Motor: Motor Not Running
  • F7E2 – Variable Speed Wash Motor Failure
  • F8E1 – Inlet Water: No Water I Tap Closed
  • F8E2 – Inlet Water: Fill Valve Electrical Problem
  • F8E3 – Very Low Water/Suds/Air in Pump
  • F8E4 – Overfill / Float Switch Open
  • F8E5 – Inlet Water: Fill Valve Stuck On
  • F8E6 – Flow Meter Failed
  • F9E1 – Draining: Product Not Draining
  • F9E2 – Draining: Drain Motor Electrical Problem
  • F9E4 – Tub Light Failure
  • F10E1, FAE1 – Dispenser Electrical Problem
  • F10E2, FAE2 – Vent Wax Motor Electrical Problem
  • F10E3, FAE3 – Drying Fan Error
  • F10E4, FAE4 – Diverter Cannot Find Positions
  • F10E5, FAE5 – Diverter Leak Detected

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