Gaggenau Appliances Repair and Service. Tel: (800) 530-7906

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Global Appliances Service offers repairs to a wide range of Gaggenau appliances, from the bigger appliances like their dishwashers, down to the smaller luxury goods Gaggenau offers like coffee makers and their line of wine cabinets. Here’s a list of the different Gaggenau appliances that we are trained to service. Give us a call (800) 530-7906.


Gaggenau Ovens Repair

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Gaggenau Microwaves Repair

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Gaggenau Cooktops Repair

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Gaggenau Dishwashers Repair

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Gaggenau Refrigerators Repair

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If your Gaggenau appliance doesn’t appear on this list, contact Global Appliances Service. We are constantly hiring new technicians, and training our current technicians in the repair and maintenance of new appliances, and we’ll be able to tell you if we have a specialist that matches your needs.

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Gaggenau Specialist Appliance Repair

Large appliance repair can be a huge pain. Even if you happen to be particularly handy, most modern appliances are too complex and specialized for the average person to repair on their own. And, unfortunately, many repair companies haven’t kept up with the technology. Modern appliances from any major brand – including Gaggenau – need a specialist, someone who has read the material, done the work, and learned how to, in particular, repair Gaggenau appliances. Our technicians are particularly skilled in repairing the complex – and often expensive – parts that go into a Gaggenau appliance. Gaggenau appliances require specialists that have been trained specifically in their repair, and that is what Global Appliances Service offers its customers.

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About Gaggenau Corporation

Gaggenau creates a wide range of appliances and is famed for its immaculate engineering and high quality. Gaggenau is a relatively small brand compared to some of the larger names, which means that a lot of repair shops have probably never even heard of it. Global Appliances Repair technicians, on the other hand, have trained in all of Gaggenau’s product lines, and we know how to fix them without a lot of mess or time.

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Global Appliances Service

If you’d like to talk to us, call us at 1-800-530-7906, or email us at Global Appliances Service will get a technician out to you as soon as possible, and we’ll have your Gaggenau appliance up and running in no time flat. We accept Cash, Credit Cards, Checks. We operate all throughout southern California.

Los Angeles Gaggenau Appliances Repair and Service. Tel: (800) 530-7906